10 rules to follow when using vehicle lifts

Following are  recommendation these simple vehicle lift safety precautions to help your shop operate incident-free:

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  1. Inspect your lift daily and make any repairs with original equipment (OE) parts.
  2. Don’t block open or override controls.
  3. Never load your lift beyond the manufacturer’s rated capacity.
  4. Positioning of the vehicle and operation of the lift should be done only by trained and authorized personnel.
  5. Never raise vehicle with anyone inside it. Customers or bystanders should not be in the lift area during operation.
  6. Always keep lift area free of debris

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  1. Do not hit or run over lift arms, adapters or axle supports.
  2. Position lift supports to contact the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended lifting points and raise the lift until supports contact the vehicle. If you are working under the vehicle, the lift should be raised high enough for locking device to be engaged.
  3. Note that with some vehicles, the removal or installation of components may cause a critical shift in the vehicle’s center of gravity. Use high-reach, supplementary stands to prevent instability.
  4. Before lowering the lift, be sure materials are removed from under vehicle.

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