6 Problems that Can Prevent a Car from Starting

A variety of automotive issues can prevent a car from firing up, with some of the problems being more common than others. As soon as you start having difficulty getting started up, you’ll want to get your car to a reputable mechanic so that you don’t risk becoming stranded. Here’s a look at six common causes of no-start.

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Failing Fuel Pump

A bad fuel pump can prevent the transit of gasoline between your tank and engine. Herky-jerky acceleration is a sign of trouble with your fuel pump.

Faulty Alternator

If your alternator is incapable of charging up your battery, then your power reserve is liable to run dry and consequently leave you stranded.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Gunked-up fuel injectors could prevent your combustion chamber from being able to take in the fuel needed to get started. In this scenario, you could try using a fuel additive.

Bad Starter

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If you turn the key over and get nothing but a clicking sound, then there’s cause for concern regarding your starter. A healthy starter is needed to engage the flywheel and get it to start spinning.

Faulty Ignition Switch

Ignition switches create the electrical pathways needed for engines to fire up. Flickering dash lights are a sign of trouble in this department.

Clogged Fuel Filter

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When a fuel filter is partially clogged, you could notice shaky acceleration. Then, when it becomes fully clogged, it could prevent you from firing up.

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