6 signs your car needs a new battery?

It’s Time for a New Battery :

  1. Slow Engine Crank: When you attempt to start the vehicle, the cranking of the engine is sluggish and takes longer than normal to start.
  2. The check engine light sometimes appears when your battery power is weak.
Car Battery Replacement - 7 Clear Signs That Your Car Battery is Dying -  Vermont Republic
  1. Low Battery Fluid Level: Car batteries typically have a part of the casing that’s translucent so you can always keep an eye on your battery’s fluid level. If the fluid level is below the lead plates : (energy conductor:) inside, it’s time to have the battery and charging system tested.
Checking battery acid levels - YouTube
  1. Swelling, Bloating Battery CaseIf your battery casing looks like this you can blame excessive heat for causing your battery case to swell, decreasing your battery life.
  2. Battery Leak: Leaking also causes corrosion around the posts : (where the + and – cable connections are located.: ) The gunk may need to be removed; otherwise, your car may not start.
Battery Acid Leaking from Car Battery | Car Tips
  1. Old Age: Your battery can last well beyond three years but, at the very least, have its current condition inspected on a yearly basis when it reaches the three-year mark.

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