Buying a used vehicle? Should verify the following points!

Buying a used car can sometimes feel like a gamble. While the previous owner may have taken extreme care of their vehicle with routine maintenance and care, another could have been a driven by a teenager who took the car for a few joy rides. To ensure that you are getting what you expect, here are some important items for you to check:

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1. Pricing

Take some time and do some research on the internet and find fair pricing from several private owners and dealerships on couple of different reputable websites to make sure you’re getting a reasonable price.

2. Have A Mechanic Do An Inspection

18 Tips for Buying Used Cars: The Complete Guide

Find a reputable mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection. While this may cost you a little bit of money up front, it could save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.

3. Test Drive The Car

Make sure to take the vehicle you’re purchasing for a spin. Really take a good listen to the engine as everything should sound smooth. Listen for any unusual noises such as grinding noises, knocks, ticks or hisses.

4. Leaks

Can you spot any leaks when the car is running or turned off? Be sure to take a thorough look and ask questions if you do see any major leaks.

5. Tire Wear

Is the tread unevenly worn on the tires? Do a thorough inspection on all four tires to see if they have any cuts, cracks or low tread.

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