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Tips for Driving in Hot Weather

You know that extreme cold can take a toll on your car, but did you know that extreme heat can do a number on your vehicle too? Beyond making your legs stick to your leather seats, the

How to save fuel when driving

Fuel-saving tips Stay aerodynamic Wind resistance increases fuel consumption. Try to keep windows closed at high speeds and remove roof racks and boxes when not in use. Removing a roof-top cargo box can save as much as

How to handle your car during Brake Failure

While this is an obvious frightened situation, but the first thing that you can do is stay focused, alert and try to be calm. You can expect nothing good by panicking and moreover, it might increase your

Own the Night: Tips for Driving After Dark

Driving at night is a dreadful and dangerous. Road fatalities triple during the night, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Human eyes don’t help much either. They’re terrible at seeing at night with depth perception,

how to drive in rain?

If you feel uncomfortable driving in the rain and can postpone your trip or commute, wait until the weather improves before driving. There is no reason to put yourself in danger if driving in wet conditions is not necessary.

how to survive long commute

Every workday, millions of people with a long commute ahead of them feel stressed before they ever get to the office — and they can pay a steep price for a drive or ride that leaves them

Safety Tips for Towing a Car

Breaking down is a real nuisance so it’s good to be prepared with knowledge on how to tow a car. It may seem a little daunting at first so read our guide on Car Towing Safety for some

How to Drive in Snow Safely

If you live where the snow flies, you’ve seen overconfident drivers blow by you on a snowy road and wondered if—and maybe even secretly hoped—they’d end up in a ditch. Whether they did or not, one thing’s

Tips for Vehicle Movement in Winter

Moving at any time of year can be stressful, but it can be even tougher when you have to drive during the winter months. From snow on the ground to bitter cold temperatures, driving during the winter