How Much Does Towing Cost

Have you ever wondered what happens when your vehicle encounters a major problem in the middle of a highway or anywhere far away from your home or a nearby workshop while the car is not able to run on its own? You definitely need the services of a tow truck or a towing vehicle that can easily take out your vehicle and deliver it to a nearby auto workshop to get the vehicle fixed. Let us consider another scenario when you are taking some heavy goods on your vehicle and your vehicle is stuck in a deep bump on a rough track or slippery snowy road, you will be needing the services of a powerful vehicle that can deliver enough force to free your vehicle from any obstacles and get it on track again, well that angel is a tow truck that must be needed at the very moment! Tow trucks are an indispensable part of our road transport network and towing services are getting better every day.

How Much Towing Operation Costs You?

Well, to answer this question I shall say that it depends on many factors and scenarios. Towing operation cost depends on the size of vehicles to be towed, the weight of the goods to be towed, the distance between the accident site to the parking location, geographical location in which the towing operation is being performed and above all weather conditions.

In a plain area and wide highways towing service can only cost you less than $50 using an app like FlasHOLR but the situation changes when there is a rough road or heavy snowfall and the nearby workshop or parking is far away in such case the towing services may cost you more than a $1000 easily. There are many tow companies working in your country and you can check standard services pricing. Usually, the prices are set by the local government and no company will tell you their exact prices on your websites. Prices are determined at the location. The easiest way is to use the FlasHOLR app, which is super easy to operate and calculate the estimated charges instantly.

Splitting the Towing Service Cost

Generally, the cost of towing services can be split into 3 parts; the first one is the distance between accident location and the towing vehicle parking location, the second one is cost of lifting the dead vehicle or good with the help of a chain mechanism or any other mechanism that is employed, the third one is the distance between the accident location and the nearby workshop or parking facility. A heavy-duty tow truck will cost you more on all of the above-mentioned services and there will more overall operation cost.

What are the Usual Tow Costs?

Some tow companies charge you in the range of $3.0 to $8.0 per mile. The lower limit is reserved for light works and the upper limit is reserved for heavy-duty works where heavy-duty tow trucks are deployed. There are many miscellaneous charges that add up depending on the situation and conditions. Normally the towing fees initiate at $50 and reach $100 very quickly again depending on the type of towing service and your location.

There is a base fare that is usually referred to as hooking-up charges and is $50 this price is always added whether your vehicle is moved a single mile or more. Then comes cost per mile that lands in the range of $3.0 to $8.0 depending on the operation whether it is light easy or heavy-duty and difficult.  For instance, the following is an average estimate of tow coast versus miles;

  • 5-7 miles tow will cost you in the range of $30 to $100
  • 50-mile tow will cost you around $100 to $250
  • 100 miles tow will cost you in the range of $250 to $600

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If you use FlasHOLR for such a case, you can save a lot of money. Hookup fees using FlasHOLR is only $30. Other charges are also reasonably low. When we calculated for a very minor distance of 13.9 miles from Florida’s Natural Growers to the Lily Lake Resort. The total estimated fees including the Hookup fee was only $57.8. If we subtract the Hookup fee, there is only a $27.8 fee for 13.9 miles, which is $2 per mile. These charges are lowest even in comparison to the cheapest towing company.


Road Assistance Membership Clubs

Vehicles are a combination of many electrical and mechanical parts and no can guarantee that this particular vehicle can get into trouble, sometimes it is not your fault all but you get stuck because of the negligence of someone else.  Road assistance memberships are getting famous as the number of vehicles on the roads is increasing these memberships provide you with instant tow services at the expense of some initial premium or membership fees. If you are a truck owner who frequently travels and deliver goods or your daily commute include traveling lots of miles daily then this service might give you peace of mind if your vehicle becomes out of order or you encounter a road accident.


There are many road assistance membership schemes that are operating these days and some are an integral part of your car insurance plan. The most important thing these programs can offer you is the peace of mind, for instance, generally, such a membership costs you less than $100 a year and covers you for such incidents anywhere in the range of their serves with up to 100 miles of free towing for up to 5 tow operations per year and 24/7 customer care service. You might not need these services very often but if you are stuck somewhere then these services can offer you a lot of peace of mind plus saving you a lot of bucks but you should check whether your motor insurance plan includes towing or not. That is why many local governments have made it compulsory for drivers and freight transport companies to get their vehicles insured before putting the vehicles on the roads.

Towing Companies Offer Following Services

  • Fuel delivery when your vehicle is out of gas
  • Quick repair services such as tire change, locked vehicle and if there is leakage of lubricants, oils, and coolant, etc.
  • Jumping services if your vehicle’s battery is out of charge
  • Getting out your vehicle if stuck
  • Providing tire chain in snowy areas
  • Transporting a dead or damaged vehicle.

Towing and Insurance companies can also get benefit from FlasHOLR application, they can use the service to help in towing. The cherry on the top is that they can not only save their money but also with the use of FlasHOLR app they will not have to remember their contacts when there is a quick need. All they require is a smartphone with the application installed and they can easily get the job done.

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