These 5 Hacks could help you in winters!

1. Look for cracks & fix them now

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Make sure there are no little cracks in your windows or lights on the car. Although they may be small now if a crack freeze then water can freeze in them and get into your lights or make the crack even worse.

2. Check your screenwash in your car for winter

Cheap screenwash is great, but will it last you through winter? Make sure your screenwash is suitable for temperatures up to 10 degrees. Sometimes screenwash cannot handle cold temperatures and can freeze in the engine.

3. Wash Your Car in Winter

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It’s no secret that with the cold winter months also comes snow, slush, ice, salt, and sand on the roads. You may not even think about washing your car during the winter or even how often to wash your car, but let us tell you, it’s an important part of caring for your vehicle in the winter.    It’s best to plan ahead and get a good wash and wax before the build-up begins. This will prevent rust from occurring, but not without continued care. Be sure to frequently monitor the area around your tires and front grille of your car for any build-up and give your car a good clean if ever the build-up becomes too much. This will help keep your car in great condition.   

4. Check Your Car’s Oil

In order for your car to perform well during the winter season, you’ll want to make sure you check your oil to ensure that the level isn’t too low and that has the proper consistency as well.   Always make sure that you have checked with your vehicle’s owner’s manual to confirm that you are using the recommended oil type for optimized vehicle performance.    

5. Check Your Windshield Wipers

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This maintenance tip is one of the most important when it comes to your safety. There’s nothing worse than dealing with an icy day when visibility is already poor and you’re using windshield wiper fluid that doesn’t perform well in low temperatures.   You’ll want to make sure that you’ve checked that your windshield wipers are in good working condition and also that you fill them with windshield wiper fluid that is meant to be used in the colder temperatures with de-icing capabilities.

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