Tips for driving in a heatwave

Keepin’ it cool

Probably the most obvious of tips? You hop in your car in the roasting heat, set off and realise a mile into your journey that your air con isn’t working. This could be what nightmares are made of! Don’t get caught short on the road and make sure you check your air con is running properly before you set off.

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More than a fashion statement

If it’s sunny, of course, you want to throw your sunglasses on – however, there are some guidelines on what ones you should be wearing when driving, so here are a few things to remember:
Two requirements for sunglasses when driving are that they should keep your vision clear, and let in sufficient light so you can still see.
Sunglasses from the high-street generally are too dark so aren’t suitable to wear when driving
Fixed tint lenses are best used in low sun, or when glare bounces off a wet road for example
Variable tint will change when exposed to different kinds of light. For driving, have a look for lenses that will react to light change and UV.

Get under the hood

Climate Change Is Driving Heat Waves Around the World – Mother Jones

You’ve guessed it – hot weather can affect your car as well as your motivation to get any work done.  It’s best to do all the necessary checks you need to before setting off, preferably before it gets too hot to handle. Make sure you’re checking the following:

  • Keep the engine cool by ensuring you’re topped up with engine coolant
  • Underinflated tyres are sensitive to heat, so make sure yours are pumped up to the recommended tyre pressure
  • Check your battery – hot temperatures can shorten its life and cause the battery fluid to evaporate.

Keep it covered

Top tips for driving in extreme hot weather / heatwave

There are ways to prevent the scorching heat hitting you in the face when you hop into your car. Pick up some sun shades for your windows. This will keep the heat out so when you do get in, it should be cooler than usual! You can even get a cover for your steering wheel, so you don’t feel like you’ve touched a hot counter in a supermarket when you get in your car (all the warning signs of ‘don’t touch’ and we’re still curious to see how hot it really is). Neither of these will set you back much either, and you’ll be able to pick them up for less than a tenner!

Park it

Another way to keep the sun out of your car is to try and park it in a shaded area. It may seem obvious, but if the sun isn’t spending all day shining in your car, it will be a lot cooler when you hop into it! Whilst it may be tempting, avoid leaving your windows open to keep your car cool. Even leaving them open slightly when parked can make your car vulnerable to thieves.

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