What Is The Arrow Symbol On The Fuel Indicator For?

In the simplest words, the arrow symbol on the fuel indicator is to indicate on which side the car’s fuel filler cap is available or is on. Still confused? Let us make it even more brief and clear. If the arrow is available on the left side or it is pointing on the left side, this indicates that the car’s filler cap is available on the car’s left side. This eventually makes it easy for the people in case of filling the fuel and not being sure on which side is the fuel indicator is.

The Beginning Of The Fuel Indicator

The earlier car models were not supported with any facility of fuel indicator and thus the drivers face a number of problems. Filling the fuel tank was the one amongst the many problems. The first attempt was when the fuel gauge was fitted on the fuel tank directly. It brought some ease yet the problem was not completely solved and thus the attempts of coming up with something new continued.

 Arrow Symbol on The Fuel Indicator
Arrow symbol on the fuel indicator

It was in the year 1914, that the Studebaker came up with the first car model which had the fuel indicator on its dashboard. The introduction of electricity with the fuel indicator made the matter completely and then there was no looking back. The fuel indicators are now one of the most important and essential parts of any vehicle and so are the symbols and indicators.

The Introduction Of The Arrow Symbol On The Fuel Tank

The mystery on the fuel tank arrow went unnoticed for quite a long time. But, this little arrow is extremely helpful for the drivers and the car users. The car manufacturers started using a small arrow on the dashboard as a help to the drivers. Although, this small change was not noticed by most of the drivers and not many of the drivers understood its purpose for a long time but eventually, the secret came into the limelight.

In the beginning, the car manufacturers used the symbol like right or left to indicate the presence of a fuel filler cap. Later, a much simpler version, an arrow was introduced. As the arrow was introduced into the fuel tank, many drivers seemed happy but some were found to be doubt about the usefulness of the arrow. Let us highlight the main concern of how useful the available arrow symbol on the fuel indicator is, for the drivers and the car owners.

The Usefulness of the Arrow Symbol on The Fuel Indicator

Some of the obvious benefits of the arrow symbol on the fuel indicator are as follow:

  • Easy identification of the fuel filler cap
  • Saves time and energy
  • Clears the unnecessary confusion about the position of fuel tank lid
  • Ease in filling the fuel tank
  • Easy judgments when driving a rented car

The benefits or the advantages of having this little arrow symbol on the fuel indicator are many. As mentioned above the obvious benefits, the symbol will always save you with your time, energy and from the embarrassment of not knowing about the position of the fuel filling cap.

If you have rented a car or if you are driving someone else’s car and need a fuel refill, you need to be sure about the position of the lid of the fuel tank. So how can you be sure about the fuel tank’s lid position? You can simply use the same little arrow available next to the fuel tank on your dashboard.

If you still not think the arrow symbol is beneficial, you can always stop and leave your car to look for the fuel tank. But don’t you think it will be more convenient and beneficial to use the available arrow symbol on the fuel indicator. If not much, it will surely save a lot of your time and energy, which obviously you would like to preserve for better purposes. Isn’t it?

We hope you are now pretty much clear on the existence of the arrow symbol on the fuel indicator and will use this, the next time when you are in a need of a tank refill in your car or in anybody else’s car.

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