White Smoke From Exhaust: Main Causes

Any type of change in the color of the smoke, white smoke from exhaust, for example, is surely a sign that there is a problem with your beloved car. The severity could be varying depending on the type of smoke. The problem might be caused by condensation gathering and may not have any apparent implications. But drivers need to understand, what does white smoke mean?

What Does White Smoke Mean

Have you experienced the “White Smoke From Exhaust” issue?

White smoke is the issue when your car releases white smoke from exhaust pipe. White smoke can be a big problem or not, depending on the thickness. The white smoke is the result of normal condensation which builds up inside the exhaust system. So if it is thin like vapor, there is nothing to worry about since it will disappear quickly. On the other hand, thicker smoke is a pretty big issue.

Thick smoke usually comes from the faulty in engine coolant, which could lead to many serious problems like damaged cylinder head, blown head gasket, cracked engine block… which might cost drivers quite a lot. In this situation, we suggest to not ignore it. A coolant leak, even small, can lead to the serious risk of damage to your dear vehicles.

What Your Car Trying To Tell You By White Smoke From Exhaust

White smoke from exhaust that looks like thin wisp is the topic for today. And not as scary as it looks, white smoke should not be a matter of concern. The accumulated condensation is simply finding a way out of the pipe.

Broken Fuel Pumping Injection

Car white smoke problem

Leaking Coolant

White smoke leaking coolant

Another white smoke issue is the leaking coolant. The indication is apparent when white smoke appears while the car is running, but not when you start it.

Problems From Other Parts

white smoke problems

Often times, a lot of white smoke exhaustion, when the car is running, could be an indicator of expensive and complicated issues. When the cylinder head, head gasket, fuel filter is damaged, or the engine is clogged or cracked, white gas exhausts in huge amount. Fixing or replacing these parts may be expensive.

The problem with such an issue is that you cannot be dilly-dallying. As time goes by they take a severer shape and the cost of repair goes up outright. Regular maintenance helps you to trace out such a problem at the soonest and saves you some valuable cash.

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