Why you should keep your fuel tank full?

Mechanical Issues

Fuel is not only used to power your vehicle, but it is also used as a cooling agent to cool down your engine and prevent it from overheating. 

If you have just a little gas in your tank…

  1. your fuel pump is only sucking in some gas.
  2. your fuel pump is also sucking in air — as there isn’t enough gas. 

Added air into your engine not only can cause overheating in your engine, but it can also cause other major mechanical issues.

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For most of our lives, we have thought that keeping our gas tank low will improve our efficiency. It makes sense… 

Therefore, even though having a full gas tank might be a heavier haul, it ends up being a more efficient option for your vehicle. Just make sure to clean your fuel tank when the time comes!

  • – Know Your Mileage (Accurately)
  • – Go Easy on That Right Pedal
  • – Tire Pressure is Key
  • – Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Save that Money

Sure, just barely filling up your tank may save you money in the short run. But let’s think through the long run together.

By not maintaining a full tank, you’re opening up A LOT of possibility for mechanical issues, (i.e., engine failure, engine overheating, corrosion, frozen fuel lines). 

Now, what’s a bigger hit on your wallet? Go on, bite the bullet and fill up that tank.

Dirt in the Fuel Tank

Why You Need To Keep Your Gas Tank Full - Food Storage Moms

Yes, you read that correctly. Dirt and debris can find their way into your fuel tank over time.

Sounds bad, right? 

When you leave your gas tank partly full — especially for an extended time — it allows for dirt, rust, sediment and other pollutants to build up in your tank and mix with the gasoline. 

These debris can flow into your fuel lines, straight up to your engine! Yikes. That is some costly damage right there. 

Car expert or not, you know that build-up in your engine is not good. Whether you drive your car often or let it sit for some time, make sure the tank is full to eliminate space for dirt to build up. 

Already dealing with fuel tank pollutants? Don’t panic. We’ve got a solution for you. 

Keeping your fuel system clean is the key to maintaining a smooth-running vehicle. 


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Do you live in the midwest, or the northeast, where winters are harsh? If you are planning on taking a road trip at any point this winter, we have a few words of advice: 

If you happen to get stuck somewhere in the snow, God forbid, you will have a full and complete tank to keep you warm while you try to wrangle up some help. When you’re surrounded by freezing weather, having your car warm at least will make a world of difference. 

Along with that, the holidays are notorious for traffic. Everyone is trying to get to their destination — all at the same time. So, hitting traffic on your holiday trips is inevitable. Be prepared and have your gas tank full, just in case traffic is at a standstill; you do not want to run out of gas in the middle of the freeway! 

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