Why you should use Fuel Additives?

There are 2 Types: Fuel Stabilizers and Fuel Performance Enhancers

It is known that both stabilizers and performance enhancers are made from a mix of cleaning substances to help improve the engine performance.

Purpose is the main difference between the two — which all depends on the age, mileage and use of your vehicle.

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Fuel savers, another term for fuel stabilizers, are typically used in older vehicles that sit for weeks at a time… whereas fuel performance enhancers are meant for cars that are driven often.

> Fuel stabilizers work to stabilize the fuel in the tank, to ensure it doesn’t go bad over time. 

> Fuel performance enhancers help improve the engines performance, emissions, and economy.

There are multiple types of fuel performance enhancers, such as gas mileage enhancers, fuel system cleaners, fuel injector cleaners, and carburetor cleaners.

Finding the best additive for your vehicle depends on your vehicle’s mileage, engine condition, usage, age, and efficiency.

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Why it’s so important to use fuel additives: 

1. Fuel additives have a lot of positive effects on your vehicle. Not only do they keep your vehicle maintained in great condition, but they help with fuel economy, engine performance, engine cleanliness, and efficiency. If you’re anything like us and enjoy keeping your vehicle well-maintained, both inside and out, then fuel additives are going to be your new friend.

2. Although it’s partly true that fuel additives are already added into our gasoline, they are often diluted and not potent enough to be truly effective. Overall, the “already included” fuel additives won’t help with the lasting performance of the vehicle. Let your friends know that this is just a common misconception!

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