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Vehicle fluids you should be changing now & then!

Oil: It’s no surprise to anyone that oil is a vital component – without it, your engine just won’t run. Thankfully, its super easy to check, and this process is streamlined across all vehicles. Simply pop the hood, pull

Is your Vehicle belt is making a squeaking sound?

What Does the Fan Belt Actually Do? In order to explain why you may suddenly be hearing your fan belt, we must first explain what it actually does. First of all, different vehicles have different belt systems.

Must Clean your fuel tank to prolong your vehicle life. Here’s how?

Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Fuel Tank Every engine enthusiast understands that preventing a problem is better than attempting to fix it afterward. Before you begin, you need to know how to clean your gas tank. Here

How to rectify electrical Faults in your car?

If you own a car, you’re probably particular about how you protect and care for your investment. Beyond being a costly asset, you depend on your vehicle to get to work, see your loved ones, and get to

How to increase your vehicle fuel efficiency?

Every time you drive, do you find yourself thinking, “This car used to have more power,” or, “I swear – my car used to get better fuel mileage than this!” 4 Tips to Maximizing Your Car’s Fuel

How important is your vehicle timing belt?

The timing belt is essential to the proper function of your engine. Your timing belt acts as a link between the two most important halves of your car’s engine allowing for proper air flow, at the correct

Driving in dark night could be more challenging than our expectations!

Factors that add to the challenge of driving at night. Here are Few tips that could help reduce the risk. 1. Be Extra Defensive Drinking and driving poses a bigger risk after dark, the rate of fatal

Must Know-Tips for driving in a forest!

Are you a Trekker? Is your alternative passion to cover the difficult mountains through trekking on road or are you a good driver who can take the car for a forest drive? If the latter is true,

The vehicle won’t start? Why so?

While there are literally hundreds of possible reasons why sometimes a car won’t start, here are some of the more common problems that typically occur: Battery Issues Unfortunately, batteries don’t last forever! The average car battery lasts about

Winter is Coming! Save your Vehicle!

Here are 5 simple things to do to keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape during the fall and winter. Test Your Battery At some point in middle school, we all learned that heat speeds up chemical