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3 reasons why you should keep your gas tank full

1. Mechanical Issues Gasoline not only fuels the vehicle, but it also functions as a coolant for the electric fuel pump motor. In modern cars, this pump sits in the middle of the gas tank filled with

Why won’t your car start?

Your Transmission is in Drive or Reverse It’s a little like checking to see if your computer is plugged in, but this is more common than you think. While distracted, it’s easy to park the car, hit


A dirty fuel tank can lead to fuel pump failures. Prevent potential problems by following these step-by-step instructions for proper fuel tank cleaning. Many variables contribute to fuel pump failures. One of the most common culprits, especially


A GUIDE TO TIPPING (OR NOT TIPPING) FOR FURNITURE DELIVERY “Tipping furniture delivery is not expected, but will be encouraged. Approximately 50 percent of customers tip for their furniture delivery, and if they do, the standard tip is

Why you should use Fuel Additives?

There are 2 Types: Fuel Stabilizers and Fuel Performance Enhancers It is known that both stabilizers and performance enhancers are made from a mix of cleaning substances to help improve the engine performance. Purpose is the main difference

Save your vehicle from winter!

Most drivers dread the winter season as it poses a real challenge to the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. During these seasons, temperatures drop below the freezing levels hence the fuel inefficiency of most vehicles. The conventional

How important wheel bearing is for your car?

There are components in your vehicle that are designed to move. A great example is the wheel bearing. It promotes efficient wheel rotation through movement. However, wheel bearings need to be serviced for them to work harmoniously

The smell from your Car? Here is what could have happened?

 Common symptoms include noise, but being conscious of unusual smells can help you detect specific problems early on. Here are some of the more common car odors that can be detected and let you know what to

How to recognize a bad driveshaft?

Controlling your vehicle becomes quite challenging when you have a bad or failing driveshaft. Vibration from underneath your vehicle is a symptom you should watch out for. They signify that your driveshaft is failing. Worn-out u-joints or bushings can