FlasHOLR: An On-Demand Trucking platform connecting customers with drivers

FlasHOLR is a cutting-edge technology trucking platform whose sole purpose is to connect truck drivers with the right customers. The app offers a consistent driving experience to a truck owner, taking away the haggling involved with traditional freight brokers.

FlasHOLR: FlasHOLR Trucking Platform

More financial control over their trucking venture

Most people underestimate the cost of owning and maintaining a truck. As a driver, making a mistake in choosing the right truckload could be a detrimental problem. Depending on the miles driver, fuel costs can quickly run between $2,500 and $3,500, along with monthly maintenance costs of $1,500 or higher, and insurance premium exceeding $1,500.

FlasHOLR comes from a team of industry experts who understand the financial pressure a truck owner goes through. Instead of relying on a traditional broker, truck drivers can gain more control over their revenue by choosing additional workload on FlasHOLR. They can pick a time as per their availability, and even between scheduled large freight jobs. FlasHOLR gives them the ability to generate additional revenue in their spare time.

Ability to choose between different types of loads

FlasHOLR allows drivers to choose between different kinds of truckloads or shipments, including moving furniture, appliances, and even vehicle towing. They can simply display their availability using FlasHOLR’s one-click location feature. Additionally, FlasHOLR ensures that the driver is provided with upfront information about any labour requirements, loading time, and the prices are adjusted accordingly.

Timely payments for every load

One of the primary challenges truck owners have faced for decades is timely payments. The standard or conventional carrier brokers often delay payments for completed deliveries. FlasHOLR aims to curb this practice and pay drivers within a stipulated, pre-defined time frame. Truck drivers can expect reliable pay schedules for all the deliveries made through FlasHOLR.

FlasHOLR Driver offers a User-friendly interface

The user interface has been a pain point for truck drivers in different app-driven brokerage services. FlasHOLR addresses the need for a simple, user-friendly platform with the FlasHOLR driver application. Drivers can easily select a load, turn on/off their location with a single tap, and benefit from an integrated Google Maps navigation system.

FlasHOLR Customer can find the perfect transit partner with a single tap

FlasHOLR Trucking Platform

FlasHOLR strives to develop a shipping ecosystem that addresses the primary challenges for both customers as well as drivers. FlasHOLR Customer app is designed to match experience as comfortable as any ride-hailing applications. Some of the key features of the FlasHOLR Customer app are:

  • Work with professional, verified drivers: FlasHOLR has a thorough verification process for its drivers, including background checks, quality-service assurance, and secure deliveries of sensitive freights.
  • Easy tracking: Customers can track their shipments in real-time. FlasHOLR application offers built-in features such as labour-time tracking and order status update.
  • Flexible, cost-efficient services: Customers can choose between different vehicles to suit their load requirements. FlasHOLR driver-partners offer point-to-point delivery to any location of your choice. Customers can request vehicles with or without labour.

FlasHOLR: Taking trucking a step forward

FlasHOLR aims to use technology to address the prevalent challenges in the trucking industry. Our goal is to transcend from a paper-intensive industry to a paperless experience that offers flexibility without compromising the service quality.

If you are a truck owner, contact us today for more information. Our team will help you register and get started on the platform.

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