Ride-Sharing Service For Moving Furniture

Think of a ridesharing app, and many of them immediately strike your mind. Uber, Lyft, Postmates or Doordash. These apps are renowned for fast, reliable ride services at any time of the day or night. Their presence has given a tough time to local buses and taxis. Thus, most of us use these apps and trust them for commuting from one place to another.

There is, however, one question that strikes in one’s mind, “Can Ride-Sharing Service be used for moving furniture?”

The precise and straightforward answer to this question is “No”.

Ride Sharing Service for Furniture Moving

Furniture is one of the bulkiest of all the things in our houses and moving it much of a task. As Ride-Sharing Service’s drivers are independent contractors, they usually ignore the rides that have a potential risk to their earnings. The driver may decline your ride because of several reasons — the most important among them being the insurance risk and potential risk of damage to the vehicle. Any scratching, ripping off the interior etc. can lead to losses which no driver will compromise on.

Additionally, many customers assume that large Ride-Sharing Vehicles can help with moving their furniture. However, they forget that these ridesharing apps are for carrying people from one location to another, and they do not carry cargo for delivery. Even if you somehow manage to book a ride, there are very few chances for you to get the average-sized furniture in the car.

Moreover, loading and unloading require spacious space and physical labour. A regular Ride-Sharing Service driver may not be someone who can quickly load and unload the furniture in his normal to average spaced car. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that Ride-Sharing Services are for passengers, not property. Most vehicles in these services will not be large enough to carry the furniture in the first place.

So, if you are planning to move to another place, you will have to look for alternative options. These alternatives will provide you facility for moving your furniture. Today, some applications are specifically dedicated to giving delivery, pick-up and moving services.

Ride Sharing Service One such application is FlasHOLR, an On-Demand Mobile App for moving and delivery purposes. The app is perfectly convenient for all who wish to move their furniture to the desired location by simply operating an app. This application actually provides services of moving appliances or furniture, vehicle towing and point-to-point Pickup Delivery services by merely a click away.

The app allows the user to add the pick-up and drop-off location. The smart app embeds Google Map to get the shortest route between two locations. The nearby available drivers will be informed, and any one of them can opt for moving the furniture to the desired location. The app consists of two functional apps: FlasHOLR driver and FlasHOLR customer. The FlasHOLR driver allows people with truck, van or any large vehicle to earn some extra money by helping other people to move furniture at their own schedule. Drivers can easily select their availability (on/off) with a single click.

Functional Aspect Of FlasHOLR APP

The other functional aspect of this app is the FlasHOLR customer. It enables the customers to get help from the drivers from towing, pick-ups and moving of any appliances. Thus, by entering their desired location on the Google map, the customer asks for help in exchange for money.

One of the best aspects of this app is its affordability and efficiency. You can get help from a driver while sitting at your home, office or anywhere, and too in a very affordable amount. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the driver’s work in progress now. Because FlasHOLR allows the customer to track the driver’s real-time location. It also contains a TIMER  that keeps a check of the labour hours.

FlasHOLR Screen Shot; Ride Sharing Service

What’s more? The drivers are professional and trustworthy. All the drivers of FlasHOLR have passed background verification by accredited background check company, Accurate Now.

Also, the app allows customers to order the VEHICLE with or without labour. The fees are mainly charged based on mileages, labour (optional) and the size of the vehicle, and customers don’t have to worry about returning the vehicle. The fees are included damage protection of up to $300 on every order.

Thus, this application allows full convenience and security to the customer by providing them with help from professionals. So, if you have been planning to move your furniture by Ride-Sharing Service, we are sad to tell you that’s not possible. However, using an app like FlasHOLR can make the entire process easier and affordable for you.

What are you waiting for? Download now and experience the convenience.

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